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Below you will see photos of one of our dream come true realities; that of breeding a tiny miniature horse stallion to our trained zebra mares by means of artificial insemination. Now all we have to do is wait to see if Zinnia comes into heat again (if she does, we'll repeat the process). If she does not, then we will ultrasound her at about 30 days and look for this very special embryo - the world's first miniature zorse!! Stay tuned...!!

Topper, 27" Champion 3 year old grulla, AMHA miniature horse, being collected

Topper has excellent semen quantity and quality (concentration and motility). After collection, we extended, then immediately inseminated Zinnia, below. Dr. Jim Kubiak did a super job of collection and insemination. As you can see, our Grant's mare, Zinnia, stood beautifully for the task. Her 2004 foal was just on the other side of the stock pen, in full view of his mama. We did not use any tranquilizer on the mare. We have been training her since a youngster to accept this procedure. ( )

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