2003 Zebra Foals  

 Here are our 2003 babies.

See Our 2004 Zebra Babies

All our available 2003 babies have been sold, thank you!

We are pleased to present:

Spots 'N Stripes Zippity Doo Dah

IZZZA # F1- GT- 00015
Foaled June 7, 2003 - 33" tall - 11" canon - 30" long
Sire: Unverified - Dam: Spots 'N Stripes Zantasia IZZZA # F- GT- 00010

This wonderful little girl is blessed with intelligence, an affectionate personality, and is well balanced with a beautiful head. She was on the bucket by the third day, eliminating 'bottle baby' problems later, and is being taught her horse manners by a six week old miniature stallion, 'Lil Butt', who will spend time with each of our new zebra babies as they arrive. 'Lil Butt' was orphaned and bucket raised and has learned proper manners right from birth, which he is imparting to the baby zebras throughout all the day's activities.

UPDATE!! June 22/03: 'Zippity' went to her first show, the ABCSD in Lakeside, CA, in June and won her halter class at two weeks of age! (open weanling/yearling halter) She was received with open arms by the show committee, the judge, and all participants and spectators alike.

UPDATE!! June 29/03: 'Zippity' did it again! At the Santana Riders show on June 29, 2003 'Zippity' won Weanling Halter, unanimously, under 2 Judges, and 2nd of 8 in Halter Color, placing over many beautiful paint horses. Here she is at the show!

UPDATE!! July 13/03: Zippity made a splendid showing in the only class we entered her in at the Poway Riders Club show. In a class of 10 top notch entries Zippy placed 2nd in color, once again placing over many awesome paint horses. Pics to follow.

UPDATE!! January '05: Zippity has been SOLD! to a wonderful home in Reno, Nevada. Contratulations Kathy G!

Here are a few candid shots of 'Lil Butt' and 'Zippity'.

See more pics of Zippity partying!

Zephie, our wonderful Grant's mare has given us a filly, true to form. (we've never had a colt from Zephie in 7 babies)

Spots 'N Stripes Zephyr's Happy Zappy (SOLD!!)
IZZZA # GT- 00011

Foaled June 9, 2003 - 36" tall - 12" canon - 36" long
Sire: Zack - IZZZA # F- GT- 00001 - Dam: Zephyr - IZZZA # F- GT- 00005

Zephie gave us a BIG girl! This girl will be able to saddle and go easily, solid legs, straight as can be, and is for sale and ready to go to her new home by the end of September. She is an awesome show girl with an extra heart on her right side! SOLD!!!

Spots 'N Stripes Zani Matronic
IZZZA # F- GT- 00017

Foaled June 20, 2003 - 30" tall - 10" canon - 30" long

Zani is a lovable, huggable, cuddly little girl who wants nothing more than you to spend time with her petting and talking to her, and is taking to her training beautifully. She has a gorgeous little head, nice neck, a great topline and is very correct.

UPDATE!! June '04: Zani has been SOLD! to a wonderful home in Alpine, CA. Contratulations Lisa!

Spots 'N Stripes Zis Is Za Life
IZZZA # F- GT- 00019

Foaled June 20, 2003 - 31" tall - 10" canon - 32" long

This wonderful little girl nicknamed 'Blanket' really loves her 'blankey' - and people too. Soft eyes, pliable, this girl is training up so well. She is straight and correct and has a wonderful head and neck - a real show filly prospect!

UPDATE! Sept. 28/03 - Blanket competed at her first RSR open show. In her halter class, she competed against two 7 month old weanlings, one a granddaughter of Impressive! As you can see, she was the youngest in in the class. Blanket squared up quickly and waited for the other weanlings to settle. She placed 3rd in the class, but with competition like that, we were just glad to be in their company.

Our second class was halter color (See photo below) - our competition was fierce - there were 11 horses in the class - (we are way up front, standing second from the front horse) We were pleased when the judge awarded us 4th place amidst this outstanding group of horses.

UPDATE!! Blanket will be added to our broodmare string. She is gorgeous and will continue the Spots 'N Stripes tradition of only breeding the best to the best for the best!

Spots 'N Stripes Dr. Zeuss
IZZZA # F1- GT- 00021

Foaled August 16, 2003 - 30" tall - 10" canon - 30" long

Zeuss is an amazing boy, our only colt so far this year. He has a perfect topline, beautiful head and neck, and, as you can see, is wonderfully straight and correct. He is lovable and respectful and listens to 'Lil Butt' his miniature horse colt buddy as 'Butt' teaches him stall manners and feeding protocol. Zeuss has already been 'out there', the star attraction at a large fund raising event for San Deguito Boys and Girls Club right in the middle of the infield at the Del Mar Race Track. Hundreds of people petted Zeuss and had their photos taken with him. (see photo below in the beautiful 'tropical nights' setting they prepared for this little 'star') He's ready to be your 'star' at horse shows and/or as a potential breeding stallion. Zeuss is finally for sale for all those of you who have been writing. He is starting ground training and being saddled and harnessed. He is absolutely the most pleasurable zebra we have ever worked with, and loves being trained. He is definitely a 10! $16,000 as a coming two year old.

Here is Zuess , as a coming two year old in Feb '05, at a huge event at the San Diego Qualcom Stadiuma yearly event called 'The Big 3", where thousands of RV'ers come for 3 days to buy and sell car parts and accessories and visit from all over the country. Zuess was the hit of the party, was extremely well behaved with all his training really paying off. He was tied in the stand stall in the trailer for the three days except for coming out for exercise and to astound all the visitors. The noise, the people, the flashing lights, fire places burning, and merriment didn't phase him. What a boy! SOLD! Congratulations to Jennifer of Pheonix, AZ!

Spots 'N Stripes Ziffany - Grevy's Filly
IZZZA # F1- GY- 00022

Foaled September 14, 2003 - 38.25" tall - 13.5" canon - 117 lbs.

Here she is at last at just 24 hours old with Jim as proud as can be! And is she a looker! Zassperella outdid herself with this little one, who is not so little! Ziffy went straight to the bucket on day two, and in her first week of life has learned to pick up her feet, lead, lead-trot, go over the tarp, stand on the hot walker, jumps right into the trailer, and lunges at a walk and trot both ways. WOW! What a girl. Oh, by the way, she is not for sale. But we will keep you all posted on her accomplishments! Below Ziffy is meeting Dr. Zeuss, our little Grant's boy who is a month older than she. Ziffany should mature to 15 hands like her mama.

See Our 2004 Zebra Babies

All of our babies are trained to respect, halter, lead, lunge, hot walker, trailer and have their feet trimmed before you get them! Yes, you will pay more for a trained zebra, just like for a trained horse! It is vitally important, however, to begin training a zebra baby at just a few days of age in order to optimise the extent to which the individual may be trained as an adult zebra. We will also teach every new zebra purchaser the art of how we trained their baby, and we urge continued training with us periodically to progressively turn your little one into a 'trained zebra'. Zebra training is $675 per month including board and feed.

Trained Grant's Filly or Colt - With show record - Individually Priced. Inquire.

Trained Grant's Colt  - With show record or older - Individually Priced. Inquire.

Untrained babies available on advance order with deposit.

Zebras babies that have begun their show careers may be priced higher. Prices are subject to change without notice. Sometimes the prices change before the website reflects the change in price.

Delivery can be arranged anywhere! Credit cards accepted. Paypal accepted. Payments, lay away and terms also acceptable on approval.

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