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2006 Pedigreed, IZZZA Registered Grant's Babies! Reserve your new foal now. We will train for 3 months or keep right through to it's yearling year and train for you! Price determined by amount of training. Our world class babies are awesome. Watch for our baby announcements here and on the foals page! Payment plans available.

Spots 'N Stripes Zulanze

Zulanze is learning 'whoa', 'come to', 'away', 'back', and other verbal cues. He trailers, loads, picks up his feet, leads, is clips, ties, does the in hand trail course, ais being exposed to saddles, harness, and the cart. He is not of our breeding, but is IZZZA registered, and we will honor the genetic guarantee for this boy. We got him at 6 weeks old, wild, and put him into training. Please inquire about where he is in his training and his price at that point.

Spots 'N Stripes Aziza -

Spots 'N Stripes Aziza - beautiful March 13, 2006 filly. Will be trained to 90 days to halter, lead, lead over obstacles, clip, trim, lay down on command, verbal cues for whoa, come to, away, back, will be taken to 3 major events, including crowds, children, noises, traffic, etc., will load, trailer, and will be well socialized with horses, mini horses, donkeys, and other equines. SOLD! Congratulations to Kari of Washington.

Spots 'N Stripes Uzuri Zohali -

Spots 'N Stripes Uzuri Zohali - April 2, 2006, sire Spots 'N Stripes Zack, dam Spots 'N Stripes T 'n T. This awesome pair produced this amazing boy...he will be shown until he goes to his new home. SOLD! Congratulations to Alexandra of Switzerland!

Spots 'N Stripes Zanze -

Spots 'N Stripes Zanze - 2006 gelding, sire Spots 'N Stripes Zack, dam Spots 'N Stripes Zantasia. This sweet boy is a '10' on the trainability scale. Congratulations to Sue Snyder of San Antonio, Texas!


Mizz Zalula

IZZZA Reg'd Chapman's Proven Broodmare

This mare is looking pregnant. She is not trained, a coming 8 year old. she is a proven broodmare. This mare is gorgeous...she is big, square, and straight. We don't raise Chapman's, so unfortunately we don't have a place for her in our kinship groups since we only raise Grant's...she was part of a trade...but we wish we did when we look at how awesome she is! We can pair her with a Chapman's stallion, Zulu... $8900 for this great mare! She is probably pregnant at this time.

MORE CHAPMAN'S MARES from Luck Farms, South Carolina!


IZZZA Reg'd Stallion - 2002 -

Zulu is stallion is ready to breed. He leads a little, but since he is an excellent specimen for a stallion, he is not trained. He is straight, square, short backed, and respectful. Zulu is priced at $ soon.

Trained Weanlings

2009 Zebra Babies for Sale - We are now taking deposits again for late 2009 trained zebra babies! Inquire!

We have several mares expecting soon! All of our babies are trained to respect, halter, lead, lunge, hot walker, and have their feet trimmed before you get them! Yes, you will pay more for a trained zebra, just like for a trained horse! We will also teach every new zebra purchaser the art of how we trained their baby, and we urge continued training with us periodically to progressively turn your little one into a 'trained zebra'.

Zebra babies that have begun their show careers may be priced higher. Prices may change without notice as training increases the zebra's value.

Delivery can be arranged anywhere! Credit cards accepted. Paypal accepted and may require payment of additional paypal fees. Payments, lay away and terms also acceptable on approval.

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