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This gorgeous John Zonkey is just a year old and he is already trained to the following:
Picks up his feet, stands for filing
Loads and unloads to and from the trailer like a perfect gentleman
Leads perfectly
Lunges on short and long line
Walks five mile hikes like a champion
Grooms, clips, (even inside his ears) baths
Ties quietly

This is a zonkey colt that will go to the Zonkey Nationals and win! win! win! He will be big enough to ride and do it all! Enjoy his photos, and contact us for details. He is in Southern California. We can arrange delivery anywhere! A steal at $3900! Owner travels for weeks at a time, and now, sadly, must find a new home for Assay. Please enjoy Assay's photos. We know you will appreciate the beautiful head, excellent striping, straight legs, square conformation, and wonderful temperament of this boy. He was born to learn and share great times with his human friends - he doesn't want to be a lawn ornament - and so he shouldn't with a full year of training already behind him. E-MAIL us and we will put you directly in touch with his owner.

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