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Zipper is an awesome 1994 Paint Zorse Mare. She has the most loud color of any zorse we have ever seen. She is beautiful, well balance, with a pretty head. She loves attention, and will stand quietly for hours while you rub, pet, hug and groom her, never wanting you to leave. She has been saddled, she's great on the hot walker. We havn't had a lot of time to put on her, as we are so busy training our zebras and working on our breeding program. We purchased her as an untrained ten year old. She is a loving girl with a lot of try in her, and gets along great with horses, mules, donkeys, zonkeys and zorses. We are offering her at a sacrifice price of just $3500. She needs to be trained worked with more than we can do at this time. The second photo shows Zipper saddled on the hot walker and being long lined. If we can get back to her training, her price will be going up.

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